About Us

Hailey McNew and Colby Hundley co-founded Marlow and Fitz Collection in their hometown of Jonesboro, AR in 2014. By combining the love for their dogs and an appreciation for southern traditions, they created a clothing brand dedicated to comfort and companionship.

Marlow and Fitz Collection offers fine apparel with original designs that represents man’s best friend. Our products reflect current trends and classic styles.
Although our apparel is tailored for men and women, we didn’t forget about our four legged friends. Each of our dog bow ties is handmade from high quality fabrics so your dog can dress in the best!

Marlow is a fluffy Old English Sheepdog and Fitzgerald is a curly F2 Goldendoodle. They were born in late 2014 and are the best of friends. They love swimming in the lake, chewing up shoes, and fetching wiffleballs!

Thanks for visiting our website-we hope you enjoy our brand as much as we do!